Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Google Docs: Make a Table of Contents

I heard a tip the other day on how to make a table of contents in a Google Doc.  Yes, I know making a table of contents isn't that exciting.  I get it.  However I think it depends on how it gets used.

Here's how to do it.
  • Format - Heading - Apply Heading
    • Hint: The text from the Heading is the table of contents.  

  • Note below, "Meeting Notes - August, 2014" is my Heading, which will be my first entry to my table of contents.  I've taken some notes from my meeting and now (pretend with me) that it's next month and I have another meeting with more notes.  I don't want to create another Google Doc and share it again so I decide to use the same document to continue my notes.
    • My notes will get long if I'm going to use the same document all year long.  This is where the table of contents will help navigate the long document.

  • So I have (2) headings, created by going to Format - Paragraph styles - Heading 1 - Apple Heading 1
    • Those headings are "Meeting Notes - August, 2014" and "Meeting Notes - September, 2014"
  • Now I'm ready to put my table of contents into action.
    • I maneuver to the top of the page and place my curser where I want the table of contents to reside.
      • Insert - Table of contents

  • Now my headings are my table of contents!
    • The headings are now clickable links that will jump to that place on the page.

  • As more headings are created from meetings throughout the year, simply click the refresh button (in your table of contents) and they'll appear.

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