Thursday, August 14, 2014

Deep Thoughts (by Corey Dahl)

Change.  Taking risks.  Do you ever think about those things?  We all do at some point.  It's interesting as several quotes and articles have landed in front of me today from various places.  I'll share the general ideas.

  • You can't move forward with old mindsets.
We are about to start a new school year.  We should always be learning and trying new things.  It's not a good thing to always teach or approach our position the same way year after year.  If technology isn't your 'thing' then try implementing it into your classroom this year.  Start small.  Build on it.  Go talk to a teacher who is already using technology and ask for advice.
  • If you wait for the stars to align, it may never happen.
We all wait for the stars to align, don't we?!  Some of us more than others.  Well, we may be waiting a long time.  This relates back to the previous paragraph about moving forward.  If we wait to move forward (since we are waiting for star alignment), we wait and wait and wait.  The question then becomes how do we balance the risk of trying something new and keeping things the way they are?  What if the risk becomes the best thing ever to happen to you?  What if we wonder why we didn't try this or that years ago? 
  • Get a new vision (for yourself).
To 'get a new vision' we have to refer back to the first two statements.  To move forward, change something, try something.  Don't wait for star alignment.  Just do it (I think some company may have coined that phrase already).

So what do you think?


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