Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Conversation with Eric Crouch - Part 2

So earlier, I told you about my conversation with Eric Crouch about the iPad.  Now I'd like to share some other thoughts about what I found interesting as well.

Somewhere in our discussion, Eric asked about whether or not the iPad would be good for his children to use in a variety of ways.  Specifically, he said he'd like to have the kids be able to see a shared calendar and know, for instance, that practice was after school...or whatever.  So I mentioned, iCal, and Google Calendar and said that was possible.

At some point he noticed the Netflix icon and asked, "What's Netflix?"  I told him.  I was chuckling to myself because as I was explaining it, I thought I sounded like I worked for them.  I had a similar feeling as I was "selling" the iPad!

I also asked about the XM / Sirius radio show.  He said he does almost all of it from his house.  They (XM / Sirius) set him up with, what he described, was a little box...and a microphone.  He is able to "do the show" from his house.  He said it sounds great, "...just like being in a studio...".  I thought to myself, I'd like to see this setup.  I am constantly amazed at "technology" and what we can do...without "being in a studio" or having to travel.

I asked him if he travels much for the satellite radio job.  He said no, only a couple of times.  One of which is how I bumped into him.  He was coming home from the SEC Championship game, where he'd been the night before.

Well?  So what?  I guess I loved hearing about the satellite radio show.  I thought it sounded really glamorous.  To have a radio show with Eddie George.  I pictured them in a fancy studio, earphones on, talking football at some really shiny monster desk (I had an ESPN studio in my head). But in fact, almost all of it is done in his house...only traveling on occasion.

Technology amazes me.

Since I mentioned he liked the Madden 11 game on my iPad.  I do remember that he plays "Playstation" with his no doubt.

I wonder who wins?

Again, thanks Eric Crouch...for humoring a dad by playing along with the "Flat Allie"...humoring a Husker fan....and humoring a tech fan by allowing me to be a geek and tell you about all that's cool with the iPad, Netflix...and tech stuff in general.

By having this time with...well, a celebrity.  Now who?  Who's next on the interview list?

Do I need to hang out in airports waiting for the odd chance to get a seat next to a celebrity or should I just move on with my life?

Better move on...  Sigh.

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