Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Impromptu Conversation with Eric Crouch

I happened to be on a plane coming home from Georgia last weekend and was fortunate enough to be seated next to Eric Crouch, former Husker quarterback standout and Heisman Trophy winner in 2001.  So, as the plane takes off and reaches the height where the pilot tells us that we can turn on our electronics again, I take out my iPad and continue reading my book.

Me, Flat Allie, and Eric Crouch

After awhile Eric asked if I liked the iPad.  I said of course, "Yah.  I really do."  I ask, "Have you ever messed with one?"  Eric says, "No."  I think to myself, ever-so-briefly, "Gee, should I talk to him about this?"  I did.

I showed him several of the educational games that I think are fun.  Since I was reading a book, I demonstrated how you can highlight sections in iBooks, define words using the built in dictionary, etc.  Next, I showed him the pictures, how I can watch videos, like "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (which I was watching in the airport terminal).  I had to do something during the 6 hours I sat waiting for the plane!

Anyway, back to the iPad.  I continued to show him the new features like the fast-app-swiching and now wanted him to try a game.  I handed him my iPad.  He took it cautiously and sat it down on the tray in front of him.

I thought about having him try "Flight Control HD".  It's a game where the player pretends to be an air traffic controller.  Of course the main job is to get the planes on the ground safely.  Well, of course the game ends when the airport gets busy and the planes crash.  I didn't really want him or myself to play a "Plane Crashing" game in the air...so I thought maybe that wasn't the right choice.

I decided on "Cut the Rope".  It's really a fun game where the goal is to get the candy into Nom (the creature).  To do so, the player has to cut ropes, use balloons, pulleys, etc.  So it's a thinking game with each level getting more difficult.  He guardedly cut the rope and it fell into the mouth of the creature.  He tried a few levels and we discussed how kids really thrive on games like this.  I shared how my kids absolutely love this game and finished all of the levels.

Next I showed him "Madden NFL HD".  Now I have not played this game at all.  I've seen my kids play it, so wasn't much help other than to show him where I see my boys put their thumbs. to control it.  I noticed the team he wanted to be.  He picked the Green Bay Packers.  I said, "You like the Pack?" He said, "Yep."

Here's what's funny.  I was telling him how I see my boys playing this game.  As I'm doing this I'm thinking to myself...(I'm telling Eric Crouch how to play a football game!)  I say this is funny because, ME...telling ERIC CROUCH, a Heisman Trophy winner, football analyst for Versus, XM and Sirius radio...how to play a football game.  That would be like giving advice to Warren Buffet about money right?  So I closed my mouth.

It was interesting next as he was telling me what he was looking at and why he picked a certain play.  I was thinking this was pretty cool.

I think at some point we stopped because the snacks came around.  Little tiny bags of pretzels (I ate his)...and he ordered the "Snack Box" or whatever they call them.  He opened the tuna, or whatever it was, took a bite, said it was not good and that he couldn't eat anymore of that.  Put it back in the box.

I've got to say he was a very down-to-earth, friendly, and cordial person.  Not that I expected him not to be....I'm just stating his demeanor and that people like myself probably love talking to him.  I wouldn't blame him if would have liked to just sit quietly on the plane.

I want to share more of our conversation in my next blog entry.  We talked about whether or not the iPad would be something for his kids, his need for a shared calendar for his family, and his XM / Sirius radio show, my job, his job...and more.


cpultz [lps] said...

One word comment: AWESOME.

John Stritt said...

The title of your blog immediately meant I had to read it - not that I shouldn't read it always.

Did he say he was going to the apple store once he got to Omaha?

Linda said...

Wow Corey! What an amazing experience! He was fortunate to be seated next to you. Hopefully Apple will give you some sort of commission for your sales pitch!

Corey Dahl said...

He did not say he was going to buy an iPad or not. No word from Apple re: commission. :-(

Roger said...

He didn't autograph it on the screen, did he??

Corey Dahl said...

No Roger, I didn't bother him with an autograph. (Tried to be cool...it's was hard not to ask, but I didn't).

BethK said...

Are you kidding me! I alway new I should hang with Corey more often. Did you share emails? Maybe we could get him tp come to STI and have a chance to win an iPad.


Deb Test said...

Always knew I looked up to you for a reason other than I'm so short!!!

CGood said...

What a neat opportunity...very cool Corey!

dstall said...

This was really great Corey! I wouldn't have even been able to talk IF i even realized who he was... "I know that guy but I can't remember where I know him from..."

Great Blog!! Thank you for sharing!