Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Waiting for iOS 5 & Reflecting on Steve Jobs

I am in my office today, working on a presentation...and waiting.  Waiting for iOS 5.  I haven't written much, other than a tweet or Facebook post, about the death of Steve Jobs.  But as I check for the new update to my iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) I can't help but think about his, and Apple's, effect on our daily lives.

I'm looking at my desk, writing this blog entry on my iMac.  My iPad sits, anxiously awaiting the update, plugged into the MacBook Pro (iPhone close by).

I can't help but wonder what device will be on my desk in 2020?  Who knows what I'll have in 2012?!  Shoot, a couple of years ago we didn't even have the iPad.  It didn't exist.  

Technology, in general, has changed and will continue to change how we learn.  I'm excited to be  I can't help but think and wonder what he, Steve Jobs, would have guided Apple into creating...with another 30 years.  Nonetheless, he is gone.  Time will tell.

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