Friday, October 14, 2011

THIS is a BIG deal...iOS 5 and Apple TV

I often get excited about a lot of things, especially as it relates to technology.  I think, in this case, what I'm about to tell you is a game changer.  I know, I know...these days there are many "game changers" but for teachers and students, it just got better.

This week iOS 5 came out.  What's iOS 5?  The latest update for your Apple devices like the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.  The update has many features worth checking out, but one of the biggest and maybe least spoken or tweeted about is how Apple TV now works with all of those devices.

Apple TV is a $99.00 little box that will need to be hooked up to a flat screen OR projector (with HDMI).  The key here is the HDMI.  So in my picture, I have the Apple TV device plugged into the flat screen (via HDMI).

Alright.  Are you with me so far?  The Apple TV is on the same wireless network as my iPad.  I now have the ability to completely mirror my iPad to the flat screen using AirPlay.

So?  Well now the teacher isn't tethered to his/her desk.  The teacher can walk around the room carrying the device, manipulating apps, handing the iPad to a student, making it interactive...just like an interactive white board would, all the while every student can see what's happening.

Oh, but wait.  There's more.

What if each student in the classroom has a device?  Then the teacher asks a question, the students search for the answer and then share it but sending it through the Apple TV...projecting their answer for all to see?!  Any device that's running iOS 5 can be mirrored.

I tell you what...this iOS 5 update paired with Apple TV makes these devices even better.  


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