Tuesday, September 20, 2011

iPad Apps: What's New (for me)

I am continually amazed at how much I love my iPad.  Almost every day I find a new use, app, or have some fantastic experience.

First, let me tell you about Zite.  This app is by far (right now), my favorite.  It's incredible because it's a magazine, that gets smarter the more it's used.  After reading an article on whatever the topic, I can choose to "Give me more from..." and then voila, the magazine pulls other articles into my magazine.  It's genius. If I choose to share it, built into the app are links to Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper, LinkedIn, Delicious, Read it Later, and email.  I have categories like:  Gadgets, Mac News, Photography, Social Media, College Football, Education, Google and more.  It's worth checking out.  Oh, did I tell you the cost?  It's FREE!

If you have attended a webinar on your desktop or laptop, it's time to download this FREE app as well.  It's called Adobe Connect Mobile for iOS.  I experienced using this app today and it was smooth, responsive and worked quite well.  I could type in the chat room, listen to the conversation and I was even able to speak, when the host gave me microphone rights.  I don't know what else it can do, but I loved it.  Like I said in my opening line, each day I experience something new...

Here's an app that will allow me to connect to my computer and control it.  It's called Splashtop.  So basically, whatever is on my computer, I see on my iPad.  I can then use my iPad to control my computer.  It's just like a mouse.  Think of this...I can use an interactive whiteboard application (on my computer) and walk around the room, holding my iPad, because I'm connected.  So I find myself at the back of the room and I don't want to walk up to the front because I'm standing by the student at the back (who needs to be stood by because of behavior or he/she just needs help)...I can still pick my pen, highlighter or whatever and manipulate that whiteboard.  I believe this one had a $4.99 price tag.  But I think it's only on sale (maybe $19.99 regularly).  It works on Macs or PCs.  I also had to download a little application on my computer that allows the iPad to connect.  It wasn't bad setting up, so don't let that scare you.

I am a fan of NPR and I think they have a great app.  I can not only read articles, but listen to the audio (on some)...but not all.  There's a button on the bottom of the app, "Hourly News" where I can just tap and listen.  There's a Directory where I can search by title or topic.  The cost....FREE!

So get that iPad into your hands, search for new apps and enjoy what you find!

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