Monday, January 31, 2011

iPad Reality for Many Adults

This cartoon is true for many adults. The adult might struggle with whatever the technology related item might be...and the student is able to help, with ease.

Have you ever heard the term "digital immigrant" or "digital native"? If not, well...if you are above, let's say, 25 years old, you might be a digital immigrant. You weren't born with all of these awesome technological advancements. You were around maybe when the VCR came out...or when a computer at home meant you had an ATARI. Get the picture.

The digital natives are kids that have grown up with cable, DVRs, internet, cell phones, iPods, iPads, social networking, text messages, etc. They are NATIVES to this world. They don't know it any other way. These natives don't think about using it or "how to use it"...they just do. Where we (the digital immigrants) have had to learn a new language.

Here's an example of something my second grade daughter and fourth grade son did the other day. They are natives of course. I walked into our living room where I have an Apple TV hooked up to my television. So they were able to change the input on the regular television, browse through the Apple TV, find Netflix, browse to their show, read about the episode, then play it. I knew how to do this, so I had them explain what they did. They explained it in a very "matter of fact", it was easy. What's the big deal? Then when they were done with that show, they browsed the Apple TV, found my computer, picked a movie that I'd purchased and had in my iTunes...and began to watch. Digital Natives.

Here's another example: I was teaching some students and teachers how to use their iPod Touch, shoot and edit video, then upload it. I (the digital immigrant) was whining about the only two choices I have to export (wirelessly)...or at least I thought.  Those choices were: Email or Send to YouTube. I broke into my story about how I wish I could post this video to FaceBook.  How annoyed I was that I couldn't do this. About this time a digital native (student) said, "You can post it FaceBook." She quickly said, do this, this and this. Voila. She was right! I was very excited.

I work with technology every day...IT'S MY JOB. But on my passport or birth certificate it must say "Digital Immigrant"???  Right?!

The moral of the story. If you're really stuck, had your device to a "Native"...and have them show you how to do it!  But don't give up!  Keep trying.

Here's a YouTube old Atari commercial.

The Today Show discusses the internet...from 1994.  They are immigrants!


J Allen said...

I was thinking about this this weekend: Technology won't change how students learn because it is how students learn. The downfall could be that when they come to school, we "unplug them" from how they learn. Just a thought. Great posts and keep up the drawings. I love them!

Corey Dahl said...

Thanks Josh. I appreciate that...from one immigrant to another. :-)