Thursday, September 23, 2010

My First 10 Minutes

After getting my hands on that new iPod's what I did those first few moments (other than taking it out of the box).

I did try the camera.  I found it funny that for some reason, I only thought it would shoot video.  But it does also take still pictures.  Here's a couple I took.  I'm holding one iPod and taking the picture with it with the other iPod in my other hand.  So these pictures are actually taken with the iPod.

Picture 1
Picture 2

In picture one...I'm holding the iPod, which I consider normal, and it takes (skinny or portrait pics).  For some reason I want to hold it that way.  But, as you see in pic 2, it also works in landscape mode.

OK.  Now for video.  Again, I first shot the video holding the iPod in portrait mode...or, I think, how one might naturally hold it.  I immediately shared the video to YouTube.  I wanted to see how quick, smooth and easy it was.  I'm here to tell was very easy.  I'm amazed at how, well, EASY it was.  I shot the video, didn't edit any of it, clicked "Send to YouTube"...and off it went!  

Do you see how it looks "skinny" on the screen (above)?  It's because I was holding it up and down.  In the next video (below), I simply turned it sideways.  It looks much better, don't you think?

I'll continue to experiment with this new, incredible device...and post them here on my blog.

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