Friday, August 13, 2010

See Ya...

In case you missed it...a couple of things are going away. The two items I'm talking about are Google Wave and the Apple Learning Interchange. If you haven't ever used these, well...there you have it! In Apple's case, the ALI is just moving more towards the more popular iTunes U. For Google, I'm not overly worried about them. Are you? They'll be fine - I'm thinking.

I remember when Google Wave came out...don't you? I so desperately wanted an "invite" to be part of Google Wave and was envious of those who posted/shared that they had been invited. I sort of felt like Charlie Brown not getting a Valentine's Day card. So, when I received an invite, it was like hitting the lottery! Oh the excitement, the anticipation...and then........yawn. I think, one day, a few of us used it and, well, no wonder it's going away.

As far as Apple ALI, I did go to a few times, but never really got "into" it. I do however spend time in iTunes U. So Apple did the right thing by forcing their traffic to go to iTunes U. If you haven't been to iTunes U...I strongly suggest it. What a great place to learn and explore. Actually, I have grand intentions of adding to it. Speaking of that, I think I'll do that today!

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