Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1:1 Schools (and if I were teaching)

I get in to many schools, both with and without 1:1 programs. When I am in a school that has access to all of that great technology, I can't help but think that if I were still teaching I would definitely want to be in a 1:1 situation. So what I'm saying is, if I ever found myself back into the classroom full time, I would search out those districts that have embraced technology. It's the world we live in. It's the world our students have been born into.

I realize there's more to teaching than just having a 1:1 program and "life is good." I get that. What I'm saying is that my students (and myself) could be and would be more creative and engaged if we had access to technology. I also understand that just having a 1:1 program doesn't make a teacher or student suddenly "creative." However through the use of technology, I think there are many more opportunities to show what has been learned. Technology engages many of our students. If students are "engaged" then discipline decreases, students are happier and will most likely learn more...and therefore post better scores. Do you know what I mean?

I think that a district that thinks about "technology" and the world that we live in, would be missing something if they weren't cheerleading their teachers to use and incorporate it into their lives.

Embrace Technololgy

Our students certainly use it...all of the time. As I get around to conferences and listen to various speakers, I often hear how students have to "power down" when they come to school. They continue to discuss how the school setting looks and feels like the early 1900's when the teacher stood at the front of the room and regurgitated what they know and the students then "know it too." However these days, when school is out, the students leave and "power up." Students use social networks, collaborate, communicate and are on the phones (texting mostly), etc. etc. They do this not only with the people in their community, they do this across the U.S. and the world.

An Alan November quote I heard...really hit home with me. Alan said, "Teachers' knowledge should not be the limit of what kids learn." stand in front of the students all day, every day and share all of my own knowledge, isn't the ONLY way that students should learn. There's so much to learn, via the internet, social networking, etc. If the school board doesn't "get it" and the administration and teachers don't "get it," then we might be stuck in the early 1900's for a while.

So to those that "get it" way to go! To those that don't, well...get going!


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Anonymous said...

I agree with you, and feel very frustrated with those schools that still don't see the value of computers for students. What century do they think we're in!?

However, I know in my school, my admins are all about technology. It's just a matter of funding that prevents every student having their own computer station, let alone iPad.

Thus, I believe it is the American belief that Education isn't worth seriously funding that needs changing first and foremost!