Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If This, Then That

I just hired a new employee.  It's a website called "iftt.com" which stands for "If This Then That".  Why is this awesome?  Let me tell you.

Fact:  I use Twitter.

Fact:  I save sites to Diigo.

Fact:  I tweet the sites I save to Diigo.

Fact:  I would like to have a site that would automatically tweet for me...and therefore, save me a step.

Fact:  This is the site that can do that.

So play this out:

  • I see a site that I wish to share.  I save it to my Diigo account.
  • I then go to Twitter and tweet the site - copy / paste the url, write something, etc.
Well, by using IFTTT, I can go from two steps to one.

IFTTT lets me create "tasks"...and these tasks are the automation.

Here's my first task using IFTT.

Here's what it says.

(IF) I save something to Diigo

(THEN) use Twitter to tweet it

I tried it...and it worked.

Here's the tweet (see below)

There are many tasks, or combination of tasks for IFTTT to create.  When used correctly, this makes the  user more efficient...by saving steps...which equates to time.

You know, I think I will see if I can take a blog post (using Blogger) and see if I can get IFTTT to tweet out to my followers when I have a new post.

So what do you think?  Can this site save you time?  Let me know how you might use it or how you already are using it!

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