Monday, February 14, 2011

Technology Changes Quickly

I am never shocked or surprised when something changes with technology.  Each year, month, day, hour and minute, something is changing with software or hardware.  It is both frustrating and exciting all at the same time.  It seems as though just about the time I get comfortable with a certain piece of technology, be it software or hardware, it changes.  I often make instructional videos (how-to-videos) and I've posted them one night and the next day, the website or application has changed.  What I made yesterday, doesn't work for today.  I actually laughed when it happened...kind of.  Well, it was funny, my great video I made for people was outdated one day later!

It's more about a way of thinking for the world we live in.  We (the users of this software and hardware) have to get used to it.  It changes...and it changes quickly.  We have to roll with it.  Sometimes the changes are simply to make it better.  Sometimes I think that the company just changes it so that they can have you buy their updated stuff.  If you don't buy their updated software or hardware, your computer quickly becomes outdated.  It's genius really.  Think of it this way...I make a piece of software that you absolutely love.  I then occasionally update it, with some sweet advancements.  I charge you for those updates.  Then a year or so later.  I come up with a whole new version of the software that looks different and better, but generally does the same thing.  I sell it to you again.  I make a bunch of money.  I'd actually love to do this but I am, unfortunately not a programmer.  But I digress...

Cartoon posted here:

I remember a few years ago I bought an iPod.  I put music and pictures on it.  I scrolled through the hundreds of pictures and listened to the music...that's it.  But it was amazing.  Now, we have internet on the iPod Touch and the iPad.  We have apps for just about everything.  We have various web based applications in which to save our stuff.  We can shoot video, take pictures and instantly upload them to the web and share with the world.

Here's my point.  To even attempt to stay current, up-to-date or on the "cutting edge", I have to continually work, learn, play, talk, watch, listen and look at how the software or hardware are being used.  I work with and use technology every day and learn something new EVERY DAY.  I (we) have to learn to adapt as the technology changes.  If I don't, I'd either be walking around with a bag phone or a Palm Pilot .  WE have to adapt.  We have to use our previous knowledge of how something works and apply it to the new gadget...and sometimes we may even have to start over in our learning.  That's what's FUN!  

It's an exciting time to be alive...and I can't help but wonder what super cool gadget is on my desk or in my hands that I'm using now that 1 year or 2 years down the road, I'll laugh at and reminisce about the good ole' days.  What about the kids in elementary school right now?  What piece of technology will they be using?  Do you suppose they'll still be using the same software and hardware when they are out of college?  I doubt it.

Definition from
Change:  to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone...

I love this one below...check out the music too!

Since I referenced Palm's another old commercial.

If you had a Palm Pilot, you know about "beaming" somebody else information from your Palm Pilot to another Palm Pilot.

Radio Shack Cell Phones - 1990

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R. Williams said...

I threw my old Palm away but I can't seem to throw the Apple Newton away. I loved that machine.