Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Wait...or NOT To Wait?

If you've ever looked at technology...in any form, be it software, hardware, phone or whatever the case...and think, "Maybe I'll wait for the next version to come out before I'll buy it."  I'd recommend going for it.  Here's why.

Technology seemingly changes every minute.  It's no doubt changing as I type this blog entry.  Think of it like this.  The iPad came out last April, 2010.  In the last year millions have been sold.  So many have been sold because it's such a friendly and useful tool.  But this entry isn't about the iPad, it's about what I wouldn't have learned if I decided to "wait" for the next iPad to come out.

If I'd waited, I would know how the apps are changing the way we work, live and learn.  Sure I could read about it in a blog or in the paper, but why not change myself.  Shouldn't I, an educator, instructional technologist and parent begin to understand where technology is headed?

As a parent, I feel it's important to understand the world that my children are growing up in.  What's funny is that the iPad will seem like a dinosaur when my youngest gets into college...or gets to be my age.  I have no doubt she'll say, "Remember when we thought the iPad was cool?"  We'll all laugh as we continue using whatever is in our hands at that moment.

I think about how when as young newlyweds, we were discussing starting a family.  We thought we'd maybe wait until we "had money" and how our older more experienced couples said if you wait until you have money, you'll never have children.  I see technology similarly.  If you always want to "wait for the next version...the next iPad..." you'll only be farther behind!

It's exciting to learn new things.  It's fun to try out the latest and greatest.  In my case, I love to see it, use it, find out how it would work in the classroom for teachers, students and administrators.  That's why I love my job.  I get to do that.  It's what makes my job interesting.  I know I'll never know it all and I also know that it's forever changing...

...and it's changing as we speak.

I've heard and read the argument that the iPad doesn't do anything different than what laptop already does.  I'd have to disagree.  The iPad is changing classrooms...when used correctly.  With the right app, we save paper.  With the right app students can be more engaged because that app might make learning more fun.  I'm also hear to tell you that when I only use my fingers to use an app, it's quite interesting.  No doubt my brain is growing as I do so.

So if you're thinking about waiting...on whatever the device is, or if it's software, kids, taking a class, skydiving...whatever.  Don't.  Just do it.  Life's short.  Have some fun.

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