Thursday, November 11, 2010

The First Thanksgiving...Stuff from Scholastic!

I came across this via Twitter this morning and thought I'd share it.  The site is, The First Thanksgiving.  As I glance at the page, the first thing that jumps out at me is the Virtual Field Trip - Nov. 16th!  I believe that it's FREE!  Here's the "Frequently Asked Questions" from the site.

I watched a few of the videos on the site and they are well done, quality videos.  I really think that your students might enjoy learning about what life was like around this time period.  What I really love, is that with each click on the page, I get to learn about something new.  I found myself reading about one aspect and then found myself digging deeper and learning about something completely different!  For instance I can tour the Mayflower, learn about daily life, download teacher resources, free printables, a vocabulary list, and even make a Mini Mayflower!

Don't bother Googling "Thanksgiving" this year...just spend some time on this site!

Lesson plans...done!

Here's a quick video below to view.

*NOTE* If YouTube is blocked, click here to view the video in iTunes U!

OR...Watch it here!  Click here if you don't have iTunes on your computer.

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Marcia said...

Corey--good job! Love the podcast with the special effects and I reallllly like the website. Will share it with my son who is a 6th-grade social studies teacher. Look how many teachers you are helping, even beyond NE Nebraska! Thanks, thanks, thanks, Marcia