Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PDF Portfolios - Part 1

Have you ever made a portfolio?  As a teacher, maybe you collected papers all year long.  You took the papers you wanted and put them in a folder.  The papers were able to show growth, projects completed, etc. etc.  I bet these were mostly papers and drawings.  The "old" portfolio probably didn't have a movie created by the student tucked neatly in-between the other pages.  How about an audio recording?

Well, Adobe Acrobat Pro (version 9.4) has an awesome and easy feature allowing the user to create a PDF Portfolio.  Basically, it organized it for you and to get it into the portfolio, it's a "click and drag".  Awesome.

Here's an introductory video on how to get started.

Keep watching...more "portfolio videos" will follow!

- Corey Dahl

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