Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Administrator Tech Conference

I'm attending the 2nd Annual Administrator Tech Conference in Kearney, Nebraska.  The Nebraska Council of School Administrators is putting on this event.  This year it was decided that a "pre-conference" would be held and the title is "Working in the Digital World."  Because of room space, it was limited to only 50 participants...and there's a waiting list of 45.  They could easily fill another section.  So my thoughts turn to the need for this type of training, for administrators.  Only 50 slots and 95 signed up!  I'd say a definite YES training needs to happen for admin.  They are here by choice.  They want to know about "The Digital World".   No matter what state your in, how large your school district is...whether you're in small town Nebraska or New York City, admin need training.  We need to get them excited and engaged with the digital world and in the digital life!  The keynote tonight and tomorrow is Scott McLeod.  Scott is an expert in the area of technology, administration and living the digital life!  I am very excited about these couple of days and look forward to learning!

Here's Scott's blog, it's worth spending some time looking at and subscribing to...trust me, he knows his stuff!  http://dangerouslyirrelevant.org/

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