Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New iPod Touch = WOW!

Last week Apple announced their new line of iPods. The most interesting of the new line of iPods, in my opinion, is the new iPod Touch.

You see, the new iPod Touch has two (yes two) cameras...and it records in HD. So, in other words you have, in this little device, your music, photos, internet, email, games...and now, the ability to record high-definition video! [Pause for dramatic effect] But wait, there's more. The new iPod Touch has a feature called "FaceTime". When the iPod user is in a wireless environment, it is now possible to video chat through the use of this device. [Pause for more dramatic effect]

FaceTime does seem awesome doesn't it? I can carry this little device around in my pocket and be able to video chat with others. Amazing. As usual, there's always a catch. Currently the "FaceTime" feature will only work if you have a friend with a new iPod Touch or iPhone. In other words, the ability doesn't exist for myself to call my friend, from my iPod Touch, and video chat via Skype or whatever service you'd like to insert.

Back to the the two cameras and the ability to film in HD. Imagine a classroom...imagine students with this device and easily being able to record something for their class, for an assignment, for a project or their school or class website. Then being able to edit the movie right on the iPod Touch. It seems to good to be true. The educational value of this little device has just increased. We already have the App Store and iBooks...now we can shoot video and edit it. (Did I mention I think this is incredible?)

I am continually amazed and excited at how easy it's becoming to be creative, to shoot video and share it with others. It's a joy to be around to experience all of this technology. I think of my parents who experienced their first television as children...and think to where we are now. I can't help but wonder what we'll have in another 5 years...or 10 years? What will our current kindergarten students have when they are 40-something years old?

What about those of us who carry around a Flip video camera? Another popular little video camera I see is the Kodak Zi8. Both of these camera can shoot in HD...but no internet, no music, no Apps. Do you see where I'm headed with this? Why would I need to buy another Flip or Zi8? Why? You see, one week ago I might have carried my Flip or my Zi8 AND my iPod Touch. Now, instead of two devices, I can carry one. It seems like a no brainer to me. I will want to carry only one device.

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Gregg Robke said...

WOW is right. I am amazed as well and hope to get my hands on one soon. Mobile technology is the way to go for schools I think. iPad, iPod, Droid, etc. I believe kids want to carry the tool in their pocket, not in their backpack!