Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free Calls with Gmail

Yesterday I saw (on Twitter mostly) people posting that Gmail now allows for free calling.  I didn't think much about it, other than to think, "Cool" and I went about my day.  But today I decided to give it a try.  So, I called my office...crazy, I know.  I could have called some faraway place, but I made a call from my office, to my office (way to think globally, think big).  Anyway, I made the call.  It worked flawlessly.

How did I do it?  Well, to make the call I had nothing to set up because I already had a gmail account, microphone, speakers (which were built in on my Mac).  How was the audio?  The call was very clear.  Any tricks to dialing?  Just dial like you would any phone.

So, feeling a bit enthusiastic, I tried calling Texas, well not "Texas" but my brother who lives in Texas.  Same result, it worked effortlessly and I didn't have a single issue.  Now I'm thinking, "Why would I use any of my 'peak minutes' on my cell phone or take one of the lines at work?"  Then I laughed my evil laugh at my cell phone service.  I taunted them feverishly...but it didn't matter, they didn't know I was doing it.  Maybe I should call them (my cell service provider) from my Gmail.  During peak hours...YES, that would show them!  But I digress...

I continued.  My next call, my son's elementary school.  I had to pick him up for an eye doctor appointment.  I called the school, kindly reminded them I would be picking him up and that he shouldn't go out for recess (poor kid)...and I hung up.  They had no idea (on the other end) that I was calling from my computer via Gmail.

Calling has never been so fun.  Well, I may be overreacting a bit.  But it is kind of cool. long until it's not "FREE?"  We shall see.

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R. Williams said...

One place I read that it is free until the end of the year. No cost options were given. What I like is that I'm in the middle of a metal building and don't get good reception to make calls. It did work flawlessly. Won't help in people calling me but they should try at work anyway.