Monday, August 30, 2010

Comments on a Blog...Powerful

I have just started blogging this fall, as part of a personal and professional goal. It has been a lot of fun just getting started. I've heard speakers discuss as well as read about how comments on blogs extend the discussion (for students and teachers). I believed it...and now I see it.

I have only posted a mere 8 or 9 entries so far and I must say, I really enjoy the comments posted by those who have read it. I can see how an entry isn't always just written, posted...and that's it. Actually it's much different. I have written, reread, posted, added to, changed wording, taken a reply or two, read others thoughts on the subject, reposted, etc.

I'm thinking about not only my personal learning about the process, but also very much thinking of the student in the classroom. If they were to blog and were able to get responses. How empowering that might make them feel. How different that might be than the usual "write a paper, turn it in, wait for only the teacher's thoughts" process that goes on in so many schools. I love how, in blogging, the discussion can go on and on. I've heard speakers (as I'd stated earlier) who talk about how the learning goes on and on well after the "assignment" is over. (I think it was Alan November talking about this...)

Well, I should probably apologize to those millions of blogs out there in cyberland...that I haven't responded to. I can say, I need a few blogs to read and to post comments on, so others can experience the same excited feeling.

Your thoughts?


Melissa Smith said...

Letting the students reflect online and continue conversations about student work and learning is the way to go. We use Edmodo and Kidblog to faciliate that at my school. I also learned how teachers can use Netvibes to RSS student blogs so that they can keep up with what their students are writing without having to go to the particular site. I thought that idea was awesome!

Corey Dahl said...

Edmodo, Kidblog and Netvibes. Three things for me to look at. Thanks!

Gregg Robke said...

Corey - The great thing about blogging is that you can learn along the way. I've found a great many of resources from bloggers I follow, like you. I think every teacher should start using some kind of blog in the classroom. Thanks for sharing!

Annie said...

I first had students blogging 5 years ago. It's a great way to get discussion going between students and teachers. Sometimes I'd give them a thematic topic and they'd write a variety of genres about it. Other times, I let them talk and I'd respond. Very powerful.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. I wish more teachers and administrators felt the same way as you and some of the people who left comments above.

Perhaps you can help me overcome my administrations reluctance to letting students blog. I must say I share some of his concerns:

1. How do you ensure bullying isn't going on the blogs?
2. Same about monitoring inappropriate topics and language.
3. How do you prevent the crazy people from harassing our students?

Is there one program that can do it all? Netvibe? Edmodo? Kidblog? Which of the 3 is more versatile?